Who are we?

Hog and Brisket formed when a Butcher and a BBQ enthusiast came together, putting together knowledge, finesse and the finest quality local produce to create the ultimate carnivore’s haven.

What do we do?

Always high quality, well marbled, prime cuts you wouldn't find at your average butchers along with a Bespoke butchery service where we can tailor your order exactly how you like it, including Dry Aging on request.

About our Bespoke Butchery Service

Where are our products from?

All of our products are selected from farms throughout the UK. Our prime Dry Aged beef is selected for high levels of marbling before it is Dry Aged in our speciality air controlled chambers for 21-28 days.
Our Pork is from the world famous Dingley Dell, which is bred for high levels of Intra Muscular Fat and taste. More about Dingley Dell Here