Hog and Brisket

Dedham Vale Brisket Boneless

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Our Dedham Vale Beef Brisket is hand selected for marbling and sourced from a select few local farms who raise their prime cattle on vast pastures and are grass fed for life. Brisket is one of the most challenging cuts of beef to cook, even for a seasoned barbecue professional; but its well worth the challenge because cooked right your in for a mouth watering experience.
 Cooking recommendation;
Add your favourite barbecue rub. Cook between 200f-250f until the internal temperature of the brisket is around 160f. Then wrap the Brisket in foil and add some apple juice to the foil in order to tenderise the meat and add a sweeter flavour. Then put the wrapped brisket back on the heat until the internal temperature is around 203f. There should be no resistance when prodding the meat with a fork. Then let it rest for an hour.